Douce France


I already talked about the pleasures of French elections.

Well, such pleasures were confirmed after the second turn.

For one, the left had come on top almost everywhere. Not for the merits of its leaders, I fear. Like elsewhere, they seem to be more interested in their internal struggles than anything else. However, French people quite wisely wanted to give a warning to M. Sarkozy. The general understanding is that two main reasons lay behind this sanction: First, he made promises, like increasing the buying power, that he didn’t even try to appear to be keeping. Second, his not-quite-presidential behavior was apparently not universally appreciated. Quoting the Herald Tribune, The French have tired of the president’s tumultuous private life and his occasional short-tempered outbursts, and are increasingly doubtful about his habit of launching several policy initiatives at once.
I found as well these explanations by a French blogger: …many reasons: showing off all the time, his links with wealthy people, a tax gift to the very rich…

The Italian reader could maybe find some familiar trait in these descriptions, but rest assured, our chap is much, much worse.

Anyway, another good reason I have to rejoice is the fact that the local list I was supporting got 17 out of 19 places in the municipality council. I was actually offered a coffee by some of them last week (not exactly a bribe – the coffee was, how to say, sub-optimum) and had a chat about their plans for the village. They seemed reasonable to me, and the guys among them I knew beforehand are indeed quite reliable. I will keep an eye on them anyway, and possible have a few more chats in the future.

Only, next time I’ll probably make the coffee myself.


2 Responses to “Douce France”

  1. “he didn’t even tried ”

    Che sollievo, non sono solo io a fare questo particolare errore!

    OK, OK, corretto !

  2. Ma è vero, lo faccio spessissimo!

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