What is the right choice? Anyone left?


I don’t know. I mean, I don’t know yet for whom I will vote at the next Italian elections.

And of course I know even less if finally my choice will be the right one. I bet many, who are leaning to the left as myself, are in the same situation.

But if you are like me an Italian abroad, you can find an interesting hypothesis in the blog Scandinaria. A good exercise in games theory, if you like. In short, one way to maximize the gain for the left as a whole, in the European constituency, could be a split vote: PD at the senate (no chances anyway for other parties of the left to elect a senator), and SA (or IdV) for the chamber of deputies (where, with more places available, small parties could take out some from the right).

One other important point is that the electoral rules are specials for Italians abroad. If we don’t have the portentous flexibility one can have in French local elections, we’re still free to choose between candidates, and not only between parties like our countrymen at home. So, whatever your choice, use your vote to select among the candidates. So far so good.

But life is all but perfect. And so it happens that the one I would consider a very good candidate, Beatrice Biagini, is in the PD lists for the chamber of deputies, and not the senate.

I have actually never met her. But I happened to stay as a host in her place for a couple of days (while she and her husband were absent), when visiting a couple of common friends in Paris. Nice cozy house, as that, and lots of interesting books. The matter is, anybody who’s willing to lend her house to a virtual unknown, and reads these books, has quite a head start as far as my vote is concerned.

So Scandinaria did not completely solved my doubts. Thanks anyway, guys, it was a good try.

P.S.: In order to respect the par condicio rule, I insert as well links to a candidate from the right. No, I don’t think I’ll vote for him, though.


One Response to “What is the right choice? Anyone left?”

  1. I am at a loss, in more senses than one.

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