While Italy is hanging on the (possibly ominous) outcome of the ongoing political elections, in Spain Zapatero had formed his new government. Nine women, and only eight men. Good news. A woman, Carme Chacon, had been nominated minister of defense. She is now just over seven months pregnant. Very good news. It is indeed a strong, positive message to appoint a young woman to a role generally considered to be an exclusive playground of old alpha males.

Only, there is something that nags me. It seems a somewhat non-kosher thing to involve a pregnant woman in military matters.

Maybe, this is not such a great news after all. I don’t know.

Let’s say, I’d rather receive a much better news. Something like this – I can imagine Zapatero presenting the government:

“…and finally, Ms. Chacon had been appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs. No one will cover the role of Minister of Defense. Not for lack of candidates, for we had indeed many worthy possible candidates .Of any gender, age, religion and sexual preference. Only, we decided, the ministry itself is going to be abolished.”

But then, one cannot really expect that much.

Not even from Zapatero, I guess.


One Response to “Doubts”

  1. Well, it is as you point good that a woman is a Defense Minister of a nation, well, if she’s pregnant, congratulations to her, It should all do good and be fine.

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