The God of Small Things

In this rather dark period for Italy, a small reason to rejoice. Thinking more about it, not so small, really. Not for me, at least. It’s indeed a small thing only when compared to other more serious matters.

And actually, today there is another small reason to rejoice. In fact I would even have changed the post photo.

Only, I couldn’t find one showing the expression the Joker face had today, at about 5 o’clock.


2 Responses to “The God of Small Things”

  1. Although he denies it, the Cavaliere was a supporter of the Inter, when young. He denies he had any relation with the Mafia, although there are clear telefon taps — nothing strange then.

    I am sure that he’s able to become an Inter supporter again when Inter wins. An intimate supporter, he wouldn’t tell any one, but deeply in his spirit he will be able to tell himself “I won!”.

  2. Roberto Says:

    I know, Mario, I know.
    He was an Inter fan, and apparently he tried to buy Inter before he managed to get hold of the second Milano team.
    I’m happy he didn’t succeed, though.
    A common friend, a Milan supporter, claims he has always a reason to be happy when Milan is playing, since in case of a defeat he would think of Berlusconi. But I’m not so perverse, I suppose.

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