Family matters

Yesterday, in Palermo, a father stabbed his own son, apparently justifying his act by the young man homosexual inclination.

Last week the UK House of Commons unexpectedly rejected proposals that would have made the access to in vitro fertilisation exremely difficult for homosexual couples or single women. The new bill amends existing legislation, which require clinics to recognise the “need for a father”, to the simple need of “supportive parenting”. It makes thus easier to access in vitro fertilization. Both partners will be recognised as parents on birth certificates when lesbian couples conceive with donated sperm or gay men use surrogacy to have a child.

Two weeks ago, a sentence of the California Supreme Court recognized gay marriage.

Meanwhile the Italian Minister for equality declares to newspapers that gays are not being discriminated and expresses her views on gay rights and abortion – in her blog.

So thinking about all this, I remembered today a comic booklet for children I had discovered in the Geneva public library, where I had brought my son.

Geneva library has a nice children section, where kids are free to roam around picking up books from scaffoldings and cupboards. Sofas and chairs are also spread around, even if they are in general neglected in favor of the preferred reading place of Swiss kids, which happens to be, like in all countries, on the floorboards.

The book dealt about homosexual parenthood, in what I found a rather tactful and charming way. I remember having been only moderately surprised to find such a booklet there in public display. My only thought was the usual one, on how more advanced than Italy are indeed countries like France or Switzerland.

Since I could’t remember the title nor the author of the booklet, I looked up for it today on the web, where it was not difficult to find. It is called Jean a deux mamans by Ophelie Texier and published by Ecole des Loisirs. While I was looking for it, I also found an article appeared on Le Figaro dealing about it, and discovered that even in supposedly advanced countries, the occasional idiot can be found. And get some support as well.

I report here a few phrases, by a pediatrician (and right-wing politician):

“…c’est n’importe quoi ! … [l’homoparentalité, c’est] pas une valeur, mais un fait marginal. Elle véhicule donc, dans ce sens, des antivaleurs… De zéro à 6 ans, ce que vous voyez et entendez, vous l’engrangez comme un fait intangible, cela se colle dans la mémoire. Même s’il ne sait pas lire, un enfant capte des messages, lesquels lui paraissent comme un fait acquis. A cet âge-là, la structuration du psychisme est en pleine construction du complexe d’Oedipe. L’enfant est en train de prendre ses repères, il fixe sa place par rapport à son père et sa mère, il construit qui il est. … Or, lire ou raconter ce genre d’histoire bouleverse tout et peut nuire à la construction psychique.”

In brief (I spare you a complete French-to-English translation by an Italian, even if it could have been rather funny), the book is bullshit, it propagates anti-values, and to read it would undermine the personal identity of children, who are building it in relation with paternal and maternal figures.

N’importe quoi, really…

I’ll probably have troubles sleeping tonight, thinking about the many generation of children (and myself among them), whose life was irremediably ruined by the deeply distorted family paradigm provided by the household shown in the post image.


6 Responses to “Family matters”

  1. “[l’homoparentalité, c’est] pas une valeur, mais un fait marginal. Elle véhicule donc, dans ce sens, des antivaleurs”.
    Uh? Majority = values; minority = anti-values?
    I wonder what disturbing experiences the pediatrician went through in his first years, when the capacity of reasoning is in full construction.

  2. Roberto Says:

    I can only suppose she bypassed completely the first constructive phase and jumped directly to later years, when the reasoning begins to be impaired by neuronal degeneration. It happens, more often than one can imagine.

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  4. The horror, the horror. The old one in the pic must be used to sodomizing the little ones with his stick. As for the middle-aged succube, he’s probably subnormal.


  5. Roberto Says:

    Tommaso, I’m not sure you really want to know the truth about that family…

  6. LOL! Imperdible, thanks

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