Rollin’ & Tumblin’

No, in spite of the title and the picture, this is not a musical post.

I just wanted to inform you that since a few days I’m experimenting with Tumblr. Mainly in Italian. Here.

I’m not sure I’m really getting the knack of it, though. Comments welcome.


3 Responses to “Rollin’ & Tumblin’”

  1. Nice! Tumblr is a good platform, I started there my first experiment with caos deterministico. I thought it was perfect for a picture-only site. But it has a limitation: the horizontal size of pictures (the horizontal size of anything) is limited to 500 pixels. My strips are 720-pixel wide. I had some inquiry with the Tumblr guys, very nice and responsive people, but there was nothing they could do. If the horizontal size is not a problem to you, the rest is great.

  2. Roberto Says:

    Aargh! I was just thinking to link a few of your strips !

  3. Too bad! Thank you anyway 🙂

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