Everything you always wanted to know about LHC…

… but were afraid to ask.

Hat tip to Dorigo, for pointing out in his blog the video above, an LHC rap shoot on location at CERN. At least from a first view the text is way more accurate and to the point than most divulgative articles about the machine and experiments in recent newspapers (no sweat, you may say, but still…).

Information about the author here (from Dorigo’s post comments).

In case you’re still curious (and still don’t dare to ask), I’d like to mention this public information site about LHC, including an LHC blog (watch out for news) and webcams (you can even have a look at what’s going on in the Atlas control room).


7 Responses to “Everything you always wanted to know about LHC…”

  1. I thought you were working, over there. 🙂


    An excellent perspective post! We need more on-site coverage like this. Especially with the upcoming pre-tests.



  3. Roberto Says:

    Mmh, I guess the Onion would title with something like: “Lazy CERN scientists dance and sing around the end-of-the-world machine”. 😉

  4. Thanks for breakin’ it down, Alpinekat! You just forgot to mention the potential for making a black hole. If there are positive and negative everywhere, are there white holes? Or do stars fit that definition in the (so far) observable universe?

  5. @rationalpsychic:

    White holes were indeed introduced some time ago as purely theoretical constructions. And no, stars don’t fit the definition of white holes (except in in the trivial sense that, contrary to black holes & by definition, radiation indeed escapes from them).

  6. gay…

    Great Read…I really value your information!…

  7. The possibility for LHC to create black holes according to General Relativity is negligible. Theories that predict that BH can be created at lower energies have not wet been proven.

    And another comment. These BH are completely different objects from astronomical black holes. These are quantum objects that cannot be described by general relativity.

    And stars have nothing to do with black or white holes. In quantum mechanics (field theory to be more exact) white holes may be the same object as black holes. White holes are described as a time reversed black hole, which in quantum mechanics is the same as itself. Classically, both black and white wholes attract matter. Their difference is the behaviour at the horizon. In the case of white wholes, matter cannot cross their event horizon (but that’s in classical relativity).

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