And in case you didn’t get enough…

(Maximilien Brice, © CERN)

…have a look at these wonderful photographs from The Big Picture – (Hat tip to Phonkmeister.) Enjoy.

P.S.: And don’t worry. This is not really going to happen (in Italian).

5 Responses to “And in case you didn’t get enough…”

  1. Oh no, the world is ending! 😉 Typical Italian alarmism…

  2. Roberto, what about this news:
    any reaction at CERN?
    Or is it only an italian “bufala”?

  3. Hi mikecas, I’ve just come back from holidays…
    The link does not work anymore, but I’ve seen the google cached version. I have read a similar article on Secolo XIX while I was away. Looks indeed like a “bufala”. No reactions at CERN from what I know. I’ll ask my German colleagues though.

  4. Again and again, Repubblica reiterates the hoax. Today the title is: “Fermate il test sul Big Bang o la Terra sparirà” (“Stop the Big Bang test or the Earth will disappear”)
    Some people would do anything to sell one more newspaper copy.

  5. Cool pics, i dont know why everyone is worrying though, im looking for the silver lining 🙂

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