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Young Saplings

Posted in G 0 with tags , , on March 16, 2008 by Roberto Gravitazero


I profit from the week-end pause to indulge in a bit of self celebration. I have just noticed that Gravitas Free Zone Weblog had just passed the ten thousands contacts milestone. I didn’t expect so much when I started a bit more than a month ago. Sure enough, most of the traffic is linked to the Carlucci internet bubble (as defined by Dorigo), on which I finished spending more time than I intended and which most likely is due to burst sooner than later. But I do hope that some of you had appreciated the site, and are going to come back here again and again. I imagine that this kind of long lasting attention have to be indeed one of the most rewarding experiences in writing a blog.

Another rewarding experience is for sure discovering our own address in the blogroll of somebody who you read and appreciate. And also this is starting to happen. I would just mention one case, and I’m going to explain you why I’ve chosen that particular one in a moment. I had been linked by the Italian blog Universi Paralleli, (which by the way I cannot but recommend to whomever can read Italian). This of course I appreciated, but there’s more. I appeared there in a blogroll section called giovani virgulti (young saplings). Well, I understand this is indeed very appropriate, given that two months ago I didn’t have a clue of what a blog was (well, OK, almost). But the point is, I’m starting to get to an age in which being defined a young sapling can indeed be regarded as quite a gratifying experience.

So, Caminadella, I guess I have to thank you twice.